About us | Amdanom ni

Carmarthenshire Conservatives are an active group who campaign all-year-round for the residents of Carmarthenshire.

We're made up of hundreds of members from across the county who all share our common values: freedom, enterprise, responsibility and a love for the towns and villages where we live. We promote these values by selecting, and campaigning to elect, Welsh Conservative candidates at all levels of government - from Town and Community Councils to the House of Commons.

We're currently represented by a number of Conservative Town and Community Councillors in Carmarthenshire. You can find out more about each of them, and what they've been up to, on our "People" page at the top of this website.

Carmarthenshire Conservatives are made up of local people passionate about their community. Our great team of volunteers are the bedrock of our party, helping us elect champions of our community that will best serve local people. So get involved today, make great friends along the way, and help secure a brighter future for Carmarthenshire, Wales and the whole of the United Kingdom.